Henshall Halloween 2012 Edition

In honor of Frightful Friday, I decided to spare you, dear readers, the long-winded prose I had been mentally preparing since earlier in the week and gift you with the following photos of my two little trick-or-treaters. Truth be told, this “gift” is more for me than you, as little Elyse has been working overtime in the I-think-I’m-going -to-go-back-to-waking-Mommy-up-multiple-times-per-night … Continue reading

From Buttersees to Butterflies – Part 1

For a good majority of her brief lifespan, Clara has had a love affair with butterflies. If it’s covered in butterflies, she’ll wear it, eat with it or just love the life out of it. Bonus points if it’s also purple. Butterflies adorn her jammies, everyday clothes, bedroom walls, and flatwear. She owns a giant stuffed butterfly and … Continue reading

Lessons Learned from Month Six of Parenting Two: Finding My Way

Something feels off. The days are getting shorter, the nights cooler. The tomatoes in the narrow garden that lines the side of my house are turning crimson and the acorns are beginning to infiltrate our backyard. Late August is upon us, but I’m not scurrying about trying to finish my syllabi in time for the fall … Continue reading